Castle Age Monster Code Opener

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Castle Age Monster Code Opener

Castle Age Monster Code Opener, "CAMCO" is a browser extention for both Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, which allows user to convert monster codes and open them in Facebook or web3 easily.


Pre-built binaries are available:

  1. Chrome extension
  2. Firefox addon

What's new

  1. Added support for "Private Browsing" in Mozilla Firefox.
  2. Added support for "Incognito Mode" in Google Chrome


  1. Supports CA on both Facebook and web3.
  2. Converts monster codes to URLs, then open them in new pages.
  3. Converts monster codes to URLs, then copy them to clipboard.
  4. New version supports BATCH processing!


  1. Select the text contains monster codes.
  2. Right click the selection.
  3. Castle Age Monster Code Opener > copy or open monster codes.

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Date Event
2014-09-27 Added support for incognito mode and private browsing
(Chrome:, Firefox:
2014-09-23 Promotional Video release
2014-09-08 Firefox add-on fully reviewed, version
2014-08-12 Firefox add-on debut, version
2014-04-09 Chrome extension debut
2014-03-25 Developmentment kickstart